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Irene Buffa x Vanessa Klat

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VANESSA KLAT One of my favorite things of this job, is that I always get to meet the most interesting people. A lot of my best friends share with me the same passion, they are bloggers, fashion designers or fashion prs. I like to think of fashion as a world per se, a world where there’s no boundaries, a world of diversity. That’s how I met Vanessa Klat, a French bags’ designer living between Paris and Beirut.

Vanessa is the designer of the bag I am wearing in today’s post, which is part of a collection she just launched one year ago. With a strong social media presence and a collection to die for, it wasn’t hard to notice Vanessa’s work. After her university carrier she started working in the fashion industry, developing a taste for precious classics, which soon turned out to be her card to start her own business and brand.

Vanessa’s bags are made of Italian leathers, produced in Lebanon, but the inspiration is all “french-chic”. You can purchase one of her bags and get it tailor made: you are going to be part of the process choosing your leather, chain or any other detail you’d like to add to the design! I asked Vanessa to answer a few questions -here below- to get to know her. You can check out her collection on her website or on her Instagram @vanessaklat. Hope you like these bags as much as I do. 

How did you start designing bags?
It’s a crush for a blue vintage leather that gave me the idea to design a bag. I absolutely wanted a bag with this beautiful fabric. Friends and family saw my bag and asked me if I could produce the same design for them…and that’s how the adventure started

Which is your favorite model of the Vanessa Klat collection?
The Black Skull Mini V!

You live between Beirut & Paris, what is the best side of those 2 cities?
I am in love with Beirut City; you have amazing vibes over here! You can go to the beach during the summer and ski during the winter – and all that just 45 mins away from the city center. From a professional standpoint, Lebanese/Armenians artisans are incredible to work with. They are very skilled and work with passion. I am very close to the factory and have the chance to follow every step of the production.
Paris, my hometown, the city of light… Paris always inspires me. Its beauty, elegance, history and culture are the motors of my day-to-day work!

You are French. Give my followers some french style tips!
-You can never go wrong with a jeans and a black/ white t-shirt
-No make up with just a nice red lipstick
-Never underestimate the power of nice jewelry

Other than bags, which is the accessory you cannot live without and why?
My Vitafede bracelet that a friend gifted me!

What are your plans for Vanessa Klat in the future?
I am planning to extend the line with more models. I would also love to organize an event in Mexico city! 

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