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The Croco V Shopping Bag - From Paris with Love

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The Croco V Shopping Bag 

From Paris with Love 

Hat : Hat & The Gang - Thank You Caroline Arditti <3 
Model : Liza Gladkaya <3
Location : Pont Alexandre III, Paris 
Paris Showroom


Meet Caroline Arditti: 


When did you start designing hats ?

This new fashion adventure started in 2013 when I decided to experience Burning Man for the first time. It was a starting point to create myself some rockstar giant headpieces. Since then, I travel the world and each event got it's masterpiece: whether it's a discoball helmet for Further Future, a feather headpiece for Burning Man, a flowerpower piece for Daybreaker, a romantic white top hat for the White Dinner, my hats seem to attract magic! Early 2017, I decided to create a hat collection to shine in the city, matching your daily look, with an original twist of removable hatbands. The Paris Fashion Week in collaboration with the amazing Vanessa Klat bag designer was a big WOW and gave me inspiration to go forward and imagine our next summer look!


Do you believe in magic ?

Not only do I believe in magic but magic seems to be a big part of this crazy ride. I remember like yesterday the first time I wore one of my headpiece: tons of smile, photos taken, great encounters & a happy vibe all around. I do believe something magic can happen when you wear my hats! 


What's your dream?

Sharing my love gang worldwide to make women feel special & beautiful every day! Seeing friends and randoms wearing #hatandthegang with a big smile on their faces. Join the gang & share the love!



Meet Liza Gladkaya: 


When did you move to Paris?

I started my modeling career in Los Angeles 8 years ago and then moved to Paris around three years ago. 

I decided to come here for work and stay for a few months but since then I have never left! :) I was completely enamored with this beautiful and romantic city, and I met the love of my life here as well. Even when I had my zodiac chart read, she told me that my Venus planet goes through Paris. Which confirmed what I already knew, I am meant to be here.


Do you believe in Magic?

I think to a certain degree it can, take karma for example. I am a big believer in that. However my general approach to the subject is more scientific based, and I am less spiritual and more rational about the subject.


What are your dreams?

I wouldn't want to call them dreams, because a dream is something that you want to happen... but isn't so concrete. I would say I have goals. 

My goals are: I want to live a life that is substantial and something I can be proud of.

A life that always keeps me growing and evolving.



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